Who Are The Top 3 Russian Billionaires?

Russia has the second highest number of billionaires after the USA. As of December 2012, Russia has total of 96 billionaires, just 1 more than China who currently has 95 billionaires. Here is the list of top 3 richest people in Russia.

Number 1) Alisher Usmanov – Alisher is a Russian business magnet who has made his fortune in mining, telecom (megafon), natural gas, and other business ventures. He has a total net worth of $17.3 Billion. According to recent Bloombergs Billionaires index completed in December 2012, Mr. Usmanov is the 39th richest person in the world. Mr. Usmanov has donated over $120 million to various charities in Russia and around the world.

Number 2) Vladimir Lisin – Mr. Lisin wasn’t always a billionaire, he started out as a professional welder before accumulating all his wealth. He is Russia’s second richest man and ranks 41st in the world. According to Bloomberg, Mr. Lisin has a total net worth of $15.9 Billion.

Number 3) Alexey Mordashov – Mr. Mordashov is truly a self-made billionaire who made the right moves at the right time in his career. He is the third richest person in Russia with a total net worth of $15.3 Billion. He owns one of Russia’s largest steel and mining companies, and he’s the 45th richest person in the world.


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