How Much Money Does Kim Kardashian Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

Kim Kardashian has become a household name due to her reality TV show and an eye-popping video with a former boyfriend. However, she is not just a pretty face. She has managed to accrue a sizable fortune, as a reality TV personality and as an entrepreneur.

The Beverly Hills Childhood

Kim is a true California girl, having been born in Beverly Hills on October 21, 1980.  Her given name is Kim Noel Kardashian. Her father, Robert, was a American-Armenian lawyer, and became slightly famous himself as one of O. J. Simpson’s defense lawyers at his trial. Remember the great Bronco chase everyone watched on TV? O. J. was leaving Robert’s home when the police chase started. Kim’s mother was Robert’s first wife, Kris, a TV personality and owner of a boutique for children. Kim was the second child of the four from Robert and Kris’s marriage.

She and Paris Hilton shared preschool classes as well as the close-up view of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Despite this exposure, there were still regular down-to-earth expectations from her parents. Sunday school attendance was a fact of life. She and her siblings were also expected to pull their own weight once they hit 18. So while she was still in high school, she earned her keep at her father’s company, Movie Tunes, Inc. Upon his death, Kim and her siblings inherited the company.

Stepping Into the Business World

Because of her family’s background of privilege, Kim knew that in order to keep that lifestyle, she would have to put forth some serious effort. She has her fingers in various venues. She started her career as a wardrobe stylist and found a unique niche as an overhauler and designer of celebrity closets. She has further expanded her fashion expertise by designing a clothing line with her sisters. The “Kardashian Kollection” was the result of this collaboration and a partnership with Bruno Schiavi of Jupi Corp. She has also marketed two perfumes and a third, limited edition perfume. Kim has set up an online store,, which provides fashionable shoes for the everyday woman, as well.

In Front of the Camera

The film that really brought Kim to everyone’s attention was a tape of her with her boyfriend at the time, Ray J, famous hip-hop artist. It was not intended for public viewing, but adult film company, Vivid Entertainment, managed to gain access and made it public. Kim sued the company, but eventually settled out of court.

Around the same time, Kim was working on the debut of her reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Basically, the show covered the daily lives of her mother, stepfather, siblings, and Kim.

Kim’s Net Worth and Annual Salary

As of 2013, Kim’s net worth is $95 million and Her annual salary in 2012 was $18 million.



Despite her childhood of privilege, Kim has not been afraid to work for what she wants out of life. Her entrepreneurial spirit has kept her moving forward.


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