How Much Money Does Robert De Niro Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

Robert DeNiro was born in Greenwich Village, New York in 1943. He is an acclaimed actor, director and producer. His broad acting ability has landed him a wide range of dramatic and comedic roles. He received his first acting role in The Wedding Party. He was 20 years old. As DeNiro gained popularity and success as an actor, he collaborated with famed director and producer Martin Scorsese on several projects throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties. His heritage and background landed him many mob and gangster roles. He is well-known for roles he played in the Godfather series, Casino and Goodfellas. However, in an effort to avoid being type cast, DeNiro branched out into comedy. This showed another side of the actor as he landed a string of successful comedy films.

Robert DeNiro fans may have difficulty deciding their favorite DeNiro film. However, one of his more anticipated roles came when he starred opposite Al Pacino in Heat. Pacino played a veteran police detective and DeNiro played the ultimate bad guy. Critiques and fans alike hailed the on screen chemistry between the two veteran actors. Many compared the two icons to two heavy weight fighters competing for the title. The conflict built throughout the film with good prevailing over bad. The film was a blockbuster hit.

Robert De Niro Net Worth Total

DeNiro has also functioned in a directorial capacity on the films A Bronx Tale and The Good Shepherd. DeNiro is cofounder of Tribeca Productions, Tribeca Film Festival and Tribeca Grill. He is also co-owner of a hotel and several other restaurants in the Greenwich area. DeNiro’s success has garnered him a net worth of $185 million dollars. It is reported that he makes approximately $17 million per film. DeNiro seems to prefer life in New York as he has properties in the Tribeca part of town. He also has properties on the east and west sides of Manhattan as well as upstate New York.

He has been married several times and has six children. DeNiro is also a grandfather to three children. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003. Today he is in remission. DeNiro has faced legal issues with the Sons of Italy who claimed he tainted the Italian image with his movie roles. However, the suit was rejected. DeNiro received Italian citizenship in the town of Molise in 2006. He is affiliated with the Democratic Party.


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