How Much Does Tiger Woods Make?

We all know who Tiger is and the talent this man possesses on the golf course! By far, he is the best golf player in the world and with recognition comes the big bucks$$. Tiger Woods made Approximately $23 million playing Golf in 2007 and made another $90 million of the golf course. Tiger is Rich, so rich that he can spend $100,000 a day and yet have enough to buy few yachts per month. His Average Daily earnings in 2007 was over $300,000 – that’s per day. Of course with big bucks comes heavy tax to our beloved IRS so the richer you are, the more you pay.

In 2010, things have been a lot different for Tiger. With the Divorce, and all the mistresses coming out – lot of people and advertisers will be turned off by Woods. Golf is a family sport that has been played by generations, and always has had a clean, preppy, squeaky feel and theme to the sport, and it appears that many aren’t too happy or approve of what Tiger did. That is the biggest reason why his earnings dropped in 2010. Also he is just getting back in the playing field, now we have to see how Tiger does in 2011. We wish him all the best in life and his pro career!

UPDATE: As of 2012, Tiger Woods has a total net worth of $500 Million dollars.


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