How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Make?

Can you guess how much Mark Zuckerberg’s salary will be for 2013? Give up? The answer may shock you, but Mark’s salary will only be $1 dollar. He’s decided to pay him $1 salary so that way Facebook’s profits will remain high. Many top CEOs of other successful companies have opted for $1 a year salary. Mark is just following in their footsteps.

Don’t start feeling all bad for Marky boy. He’s a made man. He owns 28% of Facebook which when you take today’s numbers, that’s a little over in 500 million in FB stocks. When you take his stake in FB, multiply it by $19.51 (today’s price) – he has a net-worth of roughly 9.5 Billion Dollars.

Since most of his net-worth is reliant on how well Facebook’s stock do, Mark can ultimately become much richer overnight or the exact opposite.


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