How Much Money Does 50 Cent Make?

50 Cent has been in the Rap industry for some time now and he is considered a veteran rapper. 50 Cent – G-Unit is a successful rap label and clothing brand. You ask any kid or Teen in the Country who 50 is and they will all know him (not personally but either through his music or clothing line) 50 Cent reportedly makes $33 million per year but in 2008 he made over $150 million and pretty much blew everyone away in the Rap Industry.

As of April 2012, according to Forbes, 50’s Net Worth is $110 Million Dollars.

Yeah 50 is rich and a smart businessman. 50 cent also made and makes lots of money from his vitamin water sale to Coca Cola and not to forget that he still owns 10%. Do your thing 50 – much props to you!


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  1. 50 is loaded ha???? nice 50. I have been listening to 50 since he came out years back…solid rapper and smart biz dude as I can see from the post above.

  2. i knew he was rich but had no idea he had that short of money

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