How Much Does Snoop Dogg Make Per Year?

Snoop’s been around and in the rap game than most people have been around. He is a rapper who represents rappers who call themselves as “West Coast Rap”. Snoop is known as the godfather of rap and mainly west coast rap since he was brought up in Long Beach California. Snoop Dogg also ranked #7 on the Forbes’ “Hip Hop Cash Kings” list with $17 million in earnings!!! Do ya thang Snoop! That’s amazing and you deserve it.

Some sources claim that Snoop currently makes around $2.5 million per year.

Snoop Dogg has a total net worth of $125 Million dollars. That makes him one of the richest Gangsta rappers of all time. Snoop also recently changed his name to Snoop Lion. He went back to Africa for few months, and says had en epiphany. He claims he will stop making rap and will focus for on Rastafarian music. We’re sure that most of his fans are hoping that snoop wont cease from the rap scene as lot of people saw him as one of the founding members of West Coast rap.


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  1. snoop doog, or should i call u snoop lion? sux snoops, i know you as the dogg/ you will never be a lion to me. west up homie, stay true to the game snoop dogg!!!

  2. Snoop your the best rapper of all time and like Mandy says you’ll never be a lion to me! Your the dog B!

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