How Much Money Does Rick Warren Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

While there are many Pastors who lead their respected churches, there are not many whose “claim to fame” lies in that of being an accomplished successful writer while Pastoring and evangelizing a mega-church. This is true of Rick Warren, the Senior Pastor of a mega-church located in Lake Forest, California known as Saddleback Church. As of late this evangelical church conducts four service in a single weekend allowing all of it’s 3,500 members and more to freely come to the house of the Lord. Aside from all his Pastoral duties at the church Warren has also published two books.

Originally from San Jose, California, Warren was born on January 28, 1954 to his mom who was a high school librarian and his father who was a Baptist minister. While in high school at Ukiah High School in Ukiah, California Warren founded The Fisher’s of Men Club, the high school’s first Christian club on campus. After graduating from the same high school in 1972 Warren earned not only a Bachelor’s Degree from California Baptist University but he also earned a Master’s and Doctor’s Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary respectably. Warren is married with three kids and four grandkids.

From before the time when Warren began his Pastoral career with the opening of Saddleback Church on Easter Sunday 1980 Warren helped co-write a couple books as well as began his journey of preaching at the Saddleback Church, which at the time, had several different locations before settling into its current Worship Center that has been in use since 1995. While the main Worship Center seats over three thousand other buildings cater to the managerial needs of the church as well as a building for children’s ministries. Throughout the year the mega-church holds four services every weekend.

Although the a good portion of Warren ministry is done through his preaching the majority of the money that is made comes from the majority of the work that is put out into writing his books. With two commonly known books, The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life (which was a New York Times best seller), most of the money goes right back into the church that he leads. As a result of his effortless efforts his ministry as a whole has accumulated a net worth equaling over 14 million.

In conclusion, the American evangelical Pastor Rick Warren has become a well known Pastor and author who has gained well known success thanks to his two most notably published books, The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life. All the money that has been made from the book ministry is returned to the church to help with the church funding, this has included paying for the additional building of Saddleback Church where Warren is the Senior Pastor since its first service held on Easter Sunday 1995. Warren gives back to the community through several other ministries.


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