Charlie Sheen Salary (Two and a Half Men) Per Episode

Charlie Sheen was making around $800k per episode earlier this year but things are looking great for Sheen since he is on track to make $2 million per episode. He currently make $1.25 Million per episode. That’s right, Sheen makes around $1.25 million per episode playing in “Two and a Half Men”.

Charlie Sheen is the son of popular actor, Martin Sheen. Charlie has a total net worth of $135 Million Dollars.

He is one of the top paid actors for comedy sitcom. He’s having some legal issues for allegedly assaulting his wife, but with all the money he has, I’m sure things will work out at the end.

Update 7/03/2012: Charlie Sheen was cut from Two and Half Man, and Warner Brothers was forced to buy out Sheen’s contract for a $25 million settlement. Sheen originally sued Warner for $125 Million, but said back in late December, that he was ready to settle the case for $25 million. After Two and a Half Man, Charlie’s new TV Series, Anger Management, was picked up by FX for 90 episodes. After Charlie is done with all 90 episodes, he will be about $125 Million richer.


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  1. chachingggggggg

  2. being stupid didn’t help Sheen and he maid a mockery of the Sheen’s legacy and family. Sad to see an actor fall from grace but I pray he will be better and stop using drugs. That $2 million per episode was just a tad too much for Charlie to handle, I guess.

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