How Much Does Montel Williams Make? (Salary & Net Worth)

Montel Brian Anthony Williams is formerly known as the host of a popular daytime talk show called The Montel Williams Show. Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1956, Williams is the son of Baltimore’s first African American fire chief. From the beginning, Williams was an exceptional student excelling in academics, and athletics. Showing signs of early leadership, Williams was elected president of his junior and senior high classes, and was well respected by fellow students and teachers.

In 1974, upon graduation from high school, Williams enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp. After basic training, he transferred to the Desert Warfare Training Center in Twenty-nine Palms, California. He was then accepted to the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and in 1980 became the academies first African American graduate. Over the years, Williams was promoted through the ranks, where he reached the high ranking of lieutenant. It was then he discovered he had a talent and love for public speaking.

In 1988, Williams retired after a 22 year career in the US Navy Reserve and embarked on a 3 year career as a full time motivational speaker. Williams traveled across the country working with educators, business leaders, and parents encouraging America’s youth to reach their full potential in whatever path they want to pursue. He stressed the importance of overcoming obstacles in any circumstance. He was a much sought after public speaker reaching thousands of families throughout the country. This path eventually led to a television career in 1991.
Montel Williams Total Net Worth

Throughout a successful 17 year career as a talk show host, Williams amassed a fortune with a net worth of an estimated $28 million. He won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host during the 1996-1997 seasons. He also guest starred in several network television series. In 1999 at the pinnacle of his talk show host career, Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Devastated by the diagnosis, Williams was determined to not let the disease slow him down and end his successful career. He started a foundation that focuses on education and research about the disease. The goal was to raise national awareness about the potentially debilitating disease, and educate those who suffer from it management and treatment options. The disease did not stop Williams from continuing to host his daily talk show; in fact, it brought an even larger viewing audience. In 2008, the popular talk show had run its course and was cancelled.

In 2009, Williams began hosting a daily radio show which eventually led to infomercials for many companies endorsing everything from health products to security fraud institutions. He presently continues to manage multiple sclerosis through advanced treatments.

Williams is currently married and has 4 adult children.


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