Jimmy Kimmel Salary & Net Worth (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

What can we say about the man who played in Comedy Central’s “The Mans Show” ? Nothing but love and respect! Jimmy is knows for his gigs in Win Ben Stein’s Money, and of course – Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy now days is living large and making over $7 million per year hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Update: Mr. Kimmel’s Net Worth is $28 Million Dollars as of 2012.

Jimmy is one funny dude and I’m sure he will spend the money wisely, he deserves it. Jimmy started his film career on Comedy Central’s Ben Stine show back in 1997, and in about a decade, is now making millions. I think I chose the wrong field and should consider becoming an aspiring actor/comedian, and who knows, maybe in 10 years I can make at least $0.5 million per year…. All the Best Jimmy from your number one fan.


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